Front page of Detroit Free Press lists 155 'courageous' women who spoke about Larry Nassar

The courageous women who spoke out against Larry Nassar in court are being recognized as “courageous” by the Detroit Free Press. (AP Photo)

On Wednesday, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced child sexual abuser Larry Nassar to 40 to 175 years in jail. Nassar, who abused more than 150 girls and young women over several decades while employed as a doctor for Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics, will never be free again.

With the judgment rendered, the Detroit Free Press paid tribute to the many, many women who bravely came forward about Nassar’s abuse. And they did it in a way that no one could miss: on the front page of Thursday’s newspaper.

Those are the names of the 155 women who read a victim impact statement during Nassar’s sentencing, or who provided one to be read by someone else. Not every woman is named; some are identified by their victim number only. But seeing every name lined up in a row really drives home the atrocity and evil of Larry Nassar, and the utter failure of the institutions that enabled his abuse to flourish.

Here’s the statement the Detroit Free Press published along with the names:

These women bravely came forward with their heartbreaking statements, making sure no one would forget what the monstrous doctor who worked at Michigan State University and for USA Gymnastics did to them.

Hopefully no one will forget what happened, but many of the women who spoke at Nassar’s sentencing have now been empowered to make sure no one will ever forget, and to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

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