Despite what Republicans want to tell you, President Joe Biden is making America great

It’s sad but true: When the facts don’t fit the right wing narrative they disregard the facts. All I hear from Republicans is the economy is bad, Biden is demented, we’re headed for a recession and there’s no hope. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In Biden’s term and since he took office the stock market is stable, unemployment is at a record low, millions of jobs have been created , manufacturing jobs are returning, the national deficit is down 62% for 2022 compared to 2021 and down about 70 percent from the last Trump deficit of $3.2 trillion. Sure, inflation is up — but we’re far better off than Argentina where inflation is at 75% and interest rates are at 100%. Inflation is a global phenomenon, not only in the US. The Inflation Reduction Act passed about 30 days ago — and Republicans are already claiming the legislation is failed. It’s not even implemented yet but they’re pronouncing it DOA!! Because they hope for disaster in the US so they can exploit disaster for their political goals.

Then there’s the issue of Biden and dementia — it’s a lie and it’s projection. Biden’s speeches are coherent, reasoned and clear. Now compare that to the word salad and grunts of Donald Trump. There are tapes.

Republicans want to deflect from the obvious dementia displayed by Donald Trump for four years. Trump’s dementia over that four year nightmare left the US with multi-trillion dollar annual deficits, exploded debt by $8 trillion, a four-year cumulative deficit of almost $9 trillion, record unemployment and an out of control pandemic. Trump received the Obama economy entering the eighth year of record expansion — and he by his failure ended it two years later.

That hot mess has continued with Trump’s mishandling and stealing of top secret government documents, his incessant lies about a stolen election and the federal and multi state investigations of Trump’s crimes. Truly, Trump is an enemy of the state. One could debate his fascism and that of his supporters but fascism demands mental capacity beyond that of both.

Every day in the Biden era economic news is positive. The US has record low child poverty. Jobless claims are falling. Job creation is off the charts. Manufacturing jobs are returning to the US at a record pace, over 650,000 jobs, good paying jobs. The president just averted a national railway strike. Gas prices are falling at a fast pace. That list goes on and on. Feel free to fact check it.

Fixing what Donald Trump and the Republicans broke isn’t an overnight, wave your magic wand operation. It is a skilled, sustained effort that will take time and money to succeed, money we wouldn’t have had to spend but for the disaster caused and exacerbated by Trump and Republicans. Fixing what Republicans broke isn’t free. It wasn’t free in the ‘90s when it was ‘the economy, stupid.’ It wasn’t free after the Bush Great Recession. It isn’t free to fix the Trump Error.

Bill Adkins
Bill Adkins

Bill Adkins is an attorney in Williamstown, KY, originally from Whitesburg in Letcher County.