Democratic Rep Busts Republican’s Bold Shutdown Claim On The House Floor

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) was promptly shut down for his shutdown comments on the House floor on Tuesday.

Johnson claimed the GOP is “negotiating in good faith,” “negotiating together for the best outcome for the people” and does “not desire” a government shutdown, which could begin as soon as Oct. 1.

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) took issue with Johnson’s spin on the looming stop of federal operations, prompted by hard-line House Republicans demanding spending cuts.

On taking the floor after Johnson, Boyle said:

“The previous speaker just said that no Republican member wants a shutdown. I have the quotes right here, which I will submit for the record when I’m done. One House Republican said, ‘Let’s shut it down.’ Another Republican colleague saying, ‘We shouldn’t fear a government shutdown. Most Americans won’t even miss it.’” he said.

“And the leader of the Republican Party, the former president, saying, ‘Unless you get everything, shut it down,’” Boyle continued, referring to Donald Trump. “Make no mistake about it. We are here because certain members on the other side of the aisle want a shutdown.”

“They even said they want a shutdown,” he added.

Watch the exchange here: