Democratic lawmakers looking to replace Anthony Rendon as speaker of Assembly

Assembly Democrats are making to push to replace Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood. Multiple sources tell KCRA 3 Investigates that Assemblymember Robert Rivas, D-Salinas, has gained enough support of legislators to take the position from Rendon. Rendon would like to keep the position in the Democratically-controlled Assembly into next year but there is a push to get this change before the end of the year, with a vote coming as early as Tuesday. Multiple sources inside the Legislature say that Rendon has been approaching Republican Assembly members to try and retain the speakership. However, Rendon rejected a push by Republicans to repeal the gas tax, which has been a major sticking point that has lost any support from that side, according to one source, who said Rendon also opposed several water issues in the Assembly.

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