Demarco Climate Report Comparing G7 Emissions is Gaslighting Canadians says Friends of Science Society

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Environment Commissioner Jerry Demarco's recent report comparing Canada to G7 emitters is gaslighting Canadians with a ludicrous per capita emissions comparison and reciting of ENGO climate catastrophe talking points, says Friends of Science Society. Demarco references the federal "A Healthy Economy and A Healthy Environment" plan, deconstructed in Friends of Science Society's rebuttal report "A Cruel and Unusual Punishment."

CALGARY, AB, Nov. 30, 2021 /CNW/ - As reported by the Globe and Mail of Nov. 25, 2021, Canada's Environment Commissioner Jerry Demarco, issued a report comparing Canada to G7 emitters, but the Friends of Science Society says this is needlessly gaslighting millions of Canadians who are facing heat or eat poverty as the global energy crisis, the carbon tax impact, and inflation hits home.

The Friends of Science Society called the federal climate plan "A Healthy Economy and A Healthy Environment" nothing more than "A Cruel and Unusual Punishment" to be imposed upon Canadians who must survive in the second largest, second coldest, sparsely populated country in the world.

According to the Friends of Science, the 'per capita' emissions marker in the Commissioner's report seems intended to make Canadians feel guilty for the use of essential energy, when in reality China emits in one month what Canada emits in a year and a half as explained in their Aug. 2020 report "Futile Folly: Canada's Climate Policy Goals in the Global Context".

In their two-part report "Penury or Prosperity: What is Canada's Future?" of Oct. 2020, Friends of Science Society addresses the geopolitical comparisons of G-7 countries, showing that it is unreasonable and ineffective to make climate policy comparisons. What works in one country may not work at all in another.

Commissioner Demarco recycles numerous environmental group talking points on the alleged climate catastrophe, rebutted by Friends of Science Society's Nov. 2021 "Open Letter to Ecojustice Executive Director Devon Page."

As explained in "Fighting Climate Change: Can We Humans Regulate Earth's Climate?" sponsored report of Sept. 2021, Canada can't fight climate change while immigration numbers soar. Indeed, between 1990 and 2019, Canada's population grew by 37% while emissions flatlined. Each person new to Canada creates a per capita emission of ~16.58 tons (IIRC – 2016) and new immigrants primarily come from warm countries where their carbon footprint was nominal.

The Friends of Science Society says the government cannot impose draconian Bill C-12 climate accountability measures on existing industry and citizens while also opening the border to unrestricted immigration, or embarking on the Century Initiative to bring 63 million more people to Canada.

The Demarco report claims that Canada has space for wind and solar farms, the fact is that neither are suitable replacements for conventional power as detailed in Friends of Science reports "What You Really Need to Know about Renewables (That the Pembina Institute Won't Tell You)," "The True Cost of Wind and Solar for Alberta," "In the Dark on Renewables," and "Why Renewable Energy Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050."

Likewise former public servant and diplomat Robert Lyman offers two reports "The Myth of Stranded Assets" and "When Giants Arise" which show that global demand for oil, natural gas and coal will continue to rise, and that emerging nations are not concerned with climate change, only with development.

As Lyman further writes, Canada sits on some USD $21 trillion gross value of energy resources – will we squander that wealth to be an alleged 'climate leader' when there will not be any followers and when global energy competitor nations are cashing in on growing energy demand?

Friends of Science says not another dime should be spent on climate related projects while British Columbia struggles with catastrophic flooding and the aftermath of the summer's extreme weather and wildfire events. The flooding is largely due to lack of government infrastructure investment in dikes and drainage systems. Meanwhile, billions of government dollars were diverted to ENGOs and their do-nothing climate causes as reported by Deloitte for the Alberta Inquiry. The Vancouver Port, the Fraser Valley and the road and rail lines in BC are critical to the entire economy and the import/export supply chains of Canada and much of the US midwest.


Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens that is celebrating its 19th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

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