Demand for earthen pots on rise in Punjab's Ludhiana as temperature soars

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A woman buying earthen pot in Ludhiana (Photo/ANI)
A woman buying earthen pot in Ludhiana (Photo/ANI)

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], June 20 (ANI): As health experts have advised people to avoid drinking cold water amid COVID pandemic, demand for traditional earthen pots to store or cool water has increased with the rise in temperature.

Earthen pots not only keep the water cool, but also keep impurities away. Though most households own refrigerators, people still prefer to drink water from earthen pots during summer. These pots now come with taps, keeping the hygience aspect in mind.

"As a precaution against COVID, people have started drinking water from earthen pots, instead of refrigerated water. More people are coming to buy earthen pots. We have stocks of designer pots that come from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. These pots are very beautiful and high in demand. People are buying them to decorate their homes," Sahil, a shopkeeper told ANI.

Vendors are selling colourful and designer matkas to attract customers.

Amarjit Singh, a local said: "During the COVID times, doctors have recommended not to drink water from the refrigerator. Water kept in earthen pots is good for health. That is why I came here to buy earthen pots. The pots are available in various designs that look great."

Another local Harjinder Singh said he and his family prefer earthen pot water rather than fridge water.

"We have come to buy pots because it cools the water through a natural process. Different varieties of earthen pots are available here." (ANI)

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