Deer ended up stranded in debris basin for ‘some time’ in CA. Photos show its rescue

LASD - Montrose Search and Rescue Team

A stranded deer was rescued from a debris basin after spending “some time” down there, California officials said.

The Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department’s Montrose Search and Rescue Team got a Sept. 26 call to help California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials with a deer rescue near Haines Canyon, according to a Facebook post by the search and rescue team.

An official with the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station said “there was no easy way to free the deer” so the Montrose Search and Rescue Team was called to help wildlife officials go into the debris basin, officials said.

A team member, secured by rope and anchored to the back of a truck, was sent into the basin, the post said.

The deer was then sedated and lifted out of the basin before being put into the back of a truck, officials said.

The deer was relocated and officials didn’t specify what caused the deer to get stuck in the basin.

Haines Canyon is in Tujunga, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles.

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