DeepPower CEO Discusses Geothermal Drilling with Leading Energy Engineers from University of North Dakota

Andrew Van Noy’s CEO chat with University of North Dakota engineers provides insights into ongoing technological advancements in geothermal drill bit technology

LEHI, Utah, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DeepPower, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough geothermal drilling technology to access the Earth’s unlimited source of clean energy, announced that CEO Andrew Van Noy addressed the challenges facing geothermal drilling with energy sector drilling experts Dr. Harry Feilen and Jake Fladeland.

Harry Feilen, Director of Operations at the College of Engineering and Mines at the University of North Dakota, directs the University’s Drilling and Completion Lab, or DRACOLA. Professor Feilen is an experienced Research Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the field of higher education. He is a lifelong student and has earned 4 degrees after the age of 40. Currently he is working on completing his Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Fladeland, B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, University of North Dakota, is a pipeline engineer and former drill bit design engineer at EOG Resources.

Dr. Feilen touched on his work at DRACOLA and its status as a public-private partnership. Notably, DRACOLA works with private entities to test drill bits against real-world conditions before the bits are used in commercial projects. This way, drill bit engineers like Mr. Fladeland can prevent expensive drill bit damage from impacting commercial operations. Dr. Feilen commented about ongoing investments in laboratories like DRACOLA, “We can test to the point of failure and not have that catastrophic, multimillion-dollar loss. By investing in laboratories like DRACOLA, the geothermal sector is ensuring that drill bits can withstand intense heat and pressure. Drill bit structural integrity is integral to advancing geothermal energy as a cost-effective renewable resource.”

Andrew Van Noy, CEO of DeepPower, commented on his discussion with Dr. Feilen and Mr. Fladeland: “Their work with the University of North Dakota in the DRACOLA laboratory is saving the energy sector millions of dollars. I’m confident that such partnerships will allow geothermal energy to advance as a safe and cost-effective renewable resource.”

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Deep Power is developing a breakthrough drilling technology to access Earth’s unlimited source of green geothermal energy. The Earth’s molten core is as hot as the Sun and harnessing just 0.1% of that heat energy can power humanity for 2 million years. Previous generations of drilling technology cannot go deep enough to make geothermal cost effective. We are developing a suite of advanced low-cost, high-temperature and high-pressure drilling systems to boldly go where no humans have gone before. The deeper we go the more energy we can unleash. Unlike large area solar and wind farms, a 9-inch hole by 5 miles deep can produce the same amount of power as 320 acres of solar panels. Like a power plug into the Earth, we aim to provide every city, state, and country direct and independent access to this “holy grail” source of eternal green energy.

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