December's Gemini Full Moon Will Help You Find Your Voice

The last full moon of 2022 arrives tomorrow as la luna will illuminate the night sky on Wednesday, December 7, resting in Gemini.

Coupled with the charismatic and confident energy of the sun in Sagittarius, the Gemini full moon encourages you to open up about your innermost feelings. The twins of the zodiac are ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet, meaning that the air sign possesses the gift of gab and is a master at communication. With 2023 swiftly approaching, now is the time to unearth any unresolved tensions head on.

Full moons present a cosmic chance to unearth anything that no longer serves you, acting as a point of culmination to reflect on what's transpired in the weeks prior, since the new moon. Geminis are known for their inquisitive and analytical nature, potentially pulling your focus in all different directions as the flighty sign loves to wear many hats. Proceed with caution as this may lead to overthinking. Taking the time to digest the information and feelings that will come your way will help you brace yourself for the heightened emotions the full moon inevitably brings on. Mars is also in retrograde in Gemini, adding an extra edge to the current celestial landscape.

Mars is the planet of war and action, pushing you to stop avoiding those difficult conversations you've been too afraid to have. Paired with the power of chatty Mercury, the rust-colored planet orbiting in reverse in the air sign will give you the courage to advocate yourself and your needs. Venus and Jupiter are also intertwined in a square, bringing your interpersonal issues to the forefront. Venus rules over all things pertaining to romance and love, while the solar system's largest planet is notorious for being optimistic and generous. Accompanied by a Mars in retrograde, approaching your relationships with an honest and open heart will only lead to success.

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Falling in your third house of communication, the full moon will motivate you to speak your mind, whether that be with a trusted friend or in the privacy of your notebook, sorting out your inner thoughts.


The full moon lights up your second house of income, prompting you to take a look at your finances, especially as we enter the new year. With Christmas presents top of mind and Q1 on the horizon, money can be a subject you might rather avoid, but doing the work now to set yourself up for success will pay off tenfold.


The moon is in your first house of self, giving you the opportunity to dig deep and ruminate on your deepest desires. Use Wednesday night to identify your "why" and hold onto your purpose as you pursue projects that bring you the most meaning and joy.


Sitting in your twelfth house of spirituality, tomorrow night's full moon is the perfect time to reflect on what your subconscious needs most. Caring for your soul is the highest form of self-care, so avoid becoming your own worst enemy and find a moment to give yourself some extra TLC.


Although Leos are represented by the ferocious lion, the fire sign is the zodiac's social butterfly as its bold and vibrant energy automatically pulls everyone in. Use that magnetic personality to collaborate with others as the full moon falls in your eleventh house of networking.


The pragmatic earth sign always has their professional lives on their brain and Wednesday night is no different as the moon shines a light in Virgo's tenth house of career. The end of the year can conjure up a multitude of feelings regarding work. Even if you're more than satisfied with your current gig, it's okay to dream big and ideate on the kind of career you want for yourself.


Resting in your ninth house of adventure, the Gemini full moon will put the wind underneath your wings, emboldening you to embark on a literal or figurative trip. Whether it entails packing up and getting a change of scenery or venturing on a spiritual journey, use the full moon to think of ways to infuse your everyday routine with adventure and spontaneity.


The full moon shines a light in your eighth house of intimacy, persuading you to mimic your fellow air sign's penchant for deep conversations. While you tend to be on the moodier and more intense side of the spectrum, taking a cue from Mars and Mercury will enable you to approach serious conversations with a level head.


Your seventh house of partnership comes into clear view and considering relationships and communication at the heart of the Gemini full moon, Wednesday night might be a good moment to sit down with your significant other or best friend and spend some quality time together, ensuring the connection is still well and alive.


The Gemini full moon sits in your sixth house of wellness and daily routines, turning your attention to the relationship you have with your health. It can be easy to neglect even the most basic forms of self-care around this time of year as we are all busy. As one of the zodiac's most ambitious signs, it would be unsurprising if your social calendar is already full. Take a time out and focus on yourself.


Turning your attention to the things that bring you joy is the name of the game as the full moon is in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. Whether that looks like spending some solo time pleasuring yourself or breaking out the arts and crafts kit, turn your phone on do not disturb and get in touch with your inner child.


The Gemini full moon is in your fourth house of domesticity, pushing you to focus on your environment. Our surroundings have an immense impact on our mental health, don't hesitate to rearrange your room at midnight if the mood strikes. Ushering in an air of feng shui can set you on the right path for the rest of the year.