Deadline’s Strike Talk Podcast With Billy Ray & Todd Garner Week 4: Bill Mechanic On What It Will Take To End The Stalemate

Billy Ray and Todd Garner are back for Week 4 of the WGA standoff on Deadline’s Strike Talk podcast. Click to listen below.

Bill Mechanic
Bill Mechanic

In this installment, our hosts discuss strike strategy with Bill Mechanic, the Oscar-nominated producer and chairman/CEO of Pandemonium who was on the studio side of the table in past labor negotiations as a top exec at Disney and then at Fox, which he ran from 1993-2000 during a time of prosperity for that studio.

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Among the topics Mechanic discusses is the question of whether the current crop of streaming and legacy studio bosses have a moral responsibility to make a labor deal that will continue to nurture the ecosystem of content generation or whether their job is simply to make as much money as possible and look for the shareholders. They also discuss whether the WGA should consider a divide-and-conquer strategy against AMPTP by granting waivers to certain content makers — the guild successfully used a similar strategy in its battle with agencies over packaging and affiliated production arms — and many other important notes.

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Strike Talk will run weekly until the labor stalemate is resolved, and Ray and Garner will add guests each episode.

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There is also another surprise within Strike Talk 4. Garner, who hatched the idea for the Strike Talk  podcast in an attempt to lend facts, rational perspective and clarity to help move toward a settlement, discloses that he will be going away in a bit to produce a film. It is a commitment made 10 months ago, and he discusses why, even as he and Ray have been so supportive to the writers on the picket line, he has a job to do, with dire ramifications if he doesn’t show up.

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