Davina McCall slams 'cruel' online trolls for weight taunts

Davina McCall has responded to nasty jibes by online trolls credit:Bang Showbiz
Davina McCall has responded to nasty jibes by online trolls credit:Bang Showbiz

Davina McCall has hit back at cruel online trolls for jibes about her weight.

The 56-year-old star was taken aback by the nasty reaction when she posted an advert on social media as several users suggested that she looked gaunt and unwell and made a video where she issued an angry response to the taunts.

Davina said in the clip: "I just thought I'd quickly do a post about the, I guess it's abuse that I'm getting about my weight. It's really frustrating. I feel like people post these things and have no consequences.

"Because they can post whatever they like and be cruel and I just have to take it. And I'm actually just left sitting feeling furious. I'm a 5ft 6in woman who weighs 61 kilos. I don't diet, I exercise. I eat relatively healthily. And I enjoy sharing that journey."

The 'Masked Singer' judge continued: "I'm 57 this year and I'm happy with the way I look and I feel absolutely great. All you have to do is look at the rest of the posts on my page and see that I'm not unhealthy.

"This has been horrible. Maybe think before you post something and wouldn't it be nicer to say something positive. And if you can't say anything positive, don't bother."

Meanwhile, Davina recently confessed that she feared she would "become irrelevant" as she got older but has found herself happier than ever during her 50s.

The former 'Big Brother' presenter told HELLO! magazine: “Getting older is so much better than you think it’s going to be. I’m 56 now and proud of my age – I don’t try to hide it.

“I used to fear getting older, that I’d become irrelevant.

“I felt as though getting older was uncool and awful, but actually, I’m happier in this decade than I’ve ever been.

“I’m a bit calmer, a bit wiser, less tough on myself.”