David Tennant Blasts ‘F***wit’ Tories In Brutal Take Down On The Last Leg

David Tennant let the Tory party know exactly what he thought of them during an appearance on The Last Leg on Friday night.

The Doctor Who star didn’t hold back during a discussion on the Channel 4 show about Rishi Sunak’s first 100 days as prime minister, which has seen widespread strikes from nurses, paramedics, teachers, rail staff and more.

The actor began: “After everything that’s gone on through the pandemic, the nurses are going on strike to be paid for what they’re worth – it makes you want to spit, doesn’t it?

“And you’ve got Rishi going, ‘Listen we’d love to give them a pay rise, but unfortunately, mad Queen Liz put the economy in a dumpster fire, so my hands are tied’.”

The Scottish star was quick to clarify that he was talking about former PM LIz Truss and not the late monarch, who died last year.

“Woah, I nearly ended up in the tower!” he joked, before adding: “The Liz that nobody liked.”

He continued: “It’s the lack of accountability

“They’re going, ’There’s nothing we can do, because the last Prime Minister has nothing to do with us fucked it all up.

“They’re all the same team of fuckwits.”

The actor’s comments went down well with those watching at home…

David also won praise from viewers for wearing a non-binary pin badge...

The Last Leg airs Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4.