David Ortiz has picked every World Series game wrong going into Game 7

By now you’ve probably heard of the World Series gambler who has picked the first six games of the Astros-Dodgers series correctly, earning a cool $14 million in the process. The antithesis of that person does exist, and his name is very familiar to all of us.

It’s former Boston Red Sox star and current FOX Sports analyst David Ortiz.

Though he hasn’t had millions of dollars riding on his picks made during the FOX Sports pregame show, it turns out “Big Papi” isn’t so good at the prediction game. As his colleagues reminded him after the Dodgers 3-1 win in Game 6 on Tuesday, he’s managed to pick all six games in this series incorrectly.

We honestly don’t know which feat is more impressive or unlikely. Perhaps it’s equally so. The odds would have to be strongly against either happening a seventh time in a row. But we’ll never know in this case since both of them elected not to pick Game 7.

We should also note this series has been basically a coin flip the entire way, with both teams winning games that seemed to favor the other and neither team letting a bad loss deter them in any way. Those who say there’s no momentum in baseball can point to this series as a classic example of anything and everything being possible day-to-day, inning-to-inning and even pitch-to-pitch.

Former Red Sox star and current FOX Sports analyst David Ortiz was a much better World Series player than predictor. (AP)

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