David Letterman Defends Taylor Swift From Trolls, Accidentally Calls Travis Kelce "Kelsey Grammer"

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David Letterman Defends Taylor Swift from TrollsGetty Images

Taylor Swift has been dealing with some ridiculous trolling from "dads, Brads and Chads" thanks to her frequent appearances at Chiefs games, and David Letterman just came to her defense on Instagram.

"We live in a world now where all we hear is nonsense and ugliness. And the nonsense can’t be more nonsensical and the ugliness, God hopes it can’t get any uglier. But that’s all we hear," he said, going on to defend Tay (and accidentally call Travis Kelce by the name of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer). "So now here’s Taylor Swift, who is a glowing bright light of goodness in the world, and she starts dating Kelsey Grammer.”

(Note: for what it's worth, someone in the background of this video did try to correct David on Travis' name, but he was not having it.)

"The Kelce Grammer people say, ‘Oh, no, no, no, don’t bother us, we’re all caught up in football, we don’t want Taylor and football,'" he continued. "And the Taylor Swift people, the Swifties, are saying, 'Oh, we don’t want a footballer in here with Kelsey Grammer. Travis Kelce.' And I say to both camps, 'This is such a lovely thing, shut up! It’s good for the footballers. It’s good for Taylor Swift and it’s something positive and happy for the world.' And also, politically, Taylor Swift is a huge force, and I think just wants to see people do the right thing. So God bless Taylor Swift and Kelsey Grammer.”

The video iconically ends with someone next to David saying "not Kelsey Grammer," but honestly, "God bless Taylor Swift and Kelsey Grammer" is an iconic statement.

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