David Klingenfuss' Launches New Website to Provide Business Tips for Contractors

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David Klingenfuss has been an electrical contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area for over three decades, having worked on thousands of construction-related and electrical projects since he was a teenager.

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Klingenfuss first learned about construction from his stepfather, and decided to pursue electrical contracting after watching electricians on the job site. He knew their work wasn’t as labour-intensive as the other contractors, but that it still required a unique skill set and came with healthy challenges.

That’s why he went to Job Corps in Reno, Nevada for his pre-apprenticeship training. After that, the rest was history. Flash forward decades later and Klingenfuss has now fostered relationships with loyal customers across the Bay Area and beyond who trust his electrical contracting services.

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Klingenfuss managed to keep his electrical contracting business afloat during the coronavirus, often completing projects by himself and remaining in direct contact with his clients. “I foster relationships with my clients from the first phone call,” says Klingenfuss.

That’s why Klingenfuss launched his official website to help people who want to improve their businesses or start a new one. Klingenfuss believes in a lean business model with low overhead costs.

“Start small and work your way up, because the last thing you want to do is invest in things that are going to put you in a position of debt,” says Klingenfuss.

Klingenfuss has been featured in the Los Angeles Tribune, The Open News and more, sharing his top tips for business owners and independent contractors worldwide.

He has worked with people from different walks of life on their contracting and electrical needs and has worked on projects from rewiring entire homes and working in biotech labs. Each project Klingenfuss works on requires a new, unique set of skills, but he finds it easy to adapt after the long time spent working in his industry.

The new Official Website of David Klingenfuss has a blog section where he will be sharing timely updates about best practices for business owners and contractors. While the site doesn’t have a contact form, his public relations team can be reached at media@nadernejad.com. Klingenfuss is focusing on providing the best work he possibly can to his customers.

He says he feels great when he does a good job and that he strives to continue improving both his business and the quality of work it delivers. Klingenfuss may be a one-stop shop for electrical contracting services, but he’s prolific in the work that he does and the information he shares.

“Someone once told me to work hard and that success will follow.” Klingenfuss encourages other business owners to work hard as well and to take the best care of their clients that they possibly can.