David Duchovny’s conspiracy theory on FEMA failing Puerto Rico

On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: The Great American Puerto Rico, Samantha Bee  got some help from David Duchovny to figure out how and why FEMA failed Puerto Rico both before and after Hurricane Maria hit. Duchovny channeled his inner Agent Mulder, his character from The X-Files, and put together a conspiracy theory. Duchovny touched on the fact that immediately following Maria, residents could apply for aid by phone or online when they had no electricity or internet, and the fact that the financially strapped Puerto Rican government was denied proper financial support. He also brought up how FEMA didn’t even give these American citizens the basic necessities for survival. Oh, and naturally, possible aliens came into play.

Duchovny said, conspiratorially, “After the hurricanes, FEMA did their usual mediocre job in Florida and Texas. But in Puerto Rico they did way worse. Why? How? Who's FEMA really working for?” He later added, “Before the hurricane, FEMA only sent the island enough food and water to last for two days. No human can last on that little water…but aliens can,” Duchovny said

There are no aliens in Puerto Rico that we know of, but there are still a lot of humans that need a lot of help. Six months after Maria, there are still hundreds of thousands who are still without power. Samantha Bee and crew talked with Puerto Ricans about how the devastation from the hurricane and the lack of help from the U.S. government has affected them, including a barber who has lost a lot of customers because he has no electricity in his shop. Bee paid for solar panels to be installed so the man could try to get back his livelihood. On top of that, she’s doing what she can to help the island as a whole. Bee has moved her entire fundraising t-shirt operation to Puerto Rico, including the fundraising shirts she had made to help Puerto Rico. And seeing how Bee has a tendency to make shirts supporting various causes, that’s no small thing. She invited other t-shirt producers to do the same.