Dave Chappelle Reveals His Superhero Superpower and One Weakness on ‘Tonight Show’

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Comedian Dave Chappelle crashed The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his upcoming performances at Radio City Music Hall. Chappelle will be performing for 14 nights at the legendary venue, sharing the stage with stars such as Chris Rock, Lil Wayne, and The Roots.

After plugging his show, Chappelle decided to join in the Tonight Show fun. The Roots had been doing a recurring bit in which they sing songs about the audience members. So without skipping a beat, Fallon and Chappelle acted just like anyone else in the audience.

Fallon asked Chappelle, “If you were a superhero, Dave, what would be your super power?” The comedian responded, “Disappearing for long periods of time.” This drew a huge laugh from the crowd.

But the crowd loved Chappelle’s answer to this question — What would his one weakness would be? — even more. Chappelle replied, “The need for money.” He added, “That’s when I reappear.”

The Roots performed a short song about Chappelle in the style of New Edition. And judging by his dancing, Chappelle really liked it.

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