These Are the Danish Royal Family's Official Accession Portraits

danish royal family accession portraits 2024
Danish Royal Family's Official Accession PortraitsDennis Stenild/Kongehuset

Last weekend, King Frederik X became the new Danish monarch after his mother, Queen Margrethe, abdicated the throne. His accession was a joyous moment, and he even shared a kiss on the balcony with his wife, the new Queen Mary.

King Frederik and Queen Mary were joined by their four children: the new Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Christian, 18, Princess Isabella, 16, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 13. The three portraits released today by the Danish royal family show just Frederik and Mary; Frederik, Mary, and Christian; and the entire family.

danish royal family accession portraits 2024
The new King and Queen of Denmark.Dennis Stenild/Kongehuset
danish royal family accession portraits 2024
Crown Prince Christian is now heir to the throne. Dennis Stenild/Kongehuset
danish royal family accession portraits 2024
The Danish royal family.Dennis Stenild/Kongehuset

Unlike in the UK, there is no official coronation ceremony or celebrations; all that happened was Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen proclaimed Frederik king from the balcony of Christianborg Palace after Queen Margrethe signed her abdication papers.

Per the Danish royal family website, "The tradition of proclaiming an accession to the throne originates from olden days when a throne succession was announced to the people at the 'landsting,' or open assemblies, in the various regions of the country. At that time, it occurred when a trusted public servant loudly proclaimed the accession to the throne to all four corners of the world so that everyone had the opportunity to hear it. As the proclamation now takes place from a balcony, the Prime Minister responsible for the proclamation abstains from turning in towards the Throne Room and thus makes the proclamation to three corners of the world."

danish king frederik x succeeds queen margrethe ii
King Frederik X of Denmark at his proclamation on January 14, 2024.Patrick van Katwijk - Getty Images

After, King Frederik delivered a brief speech from the balcony. In his speech, he said, "my hope is to become a unifying king of tomorrow. It's a task I've been waiting for all my life. It is a responsibility I take on with respect, pride and great joy. It is a deed I will take pains to carry out and carry through the position I have been entrusted with. I need all the support I can get. From my beloved wife, from my family, from you and from that which is greater than us. I face the future knowing that I am not alone. Bound, committed, for the Kingdom of Denmark."

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