Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar and More Team Up for Christmas Movie Dance War Challenge

Danica McKellar, Andrea Barber, Candace Bure Dance Battle
Danica McKellar, Andrea Barber, Candace Bure Dance Battle

Danica McKellar Instagram; Candace Bure Instagram; Andrea Barber Instagram Danica McKellar, Andrea Barber, Candace Bure dance battle

Danica McKellar, Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron Bure are getting in the Christmas spirit!

The three Great American Family stars are currently shooting festive-themed movies and decided to go all out for the holiday season by challenging each other to a social media dance battle.

Just to make sure they weren't alone on the dance floor, the actresses also pulled in costars Neal Bledsoe, Jen Lilley, Jesse Hutch, Marc Blucas and Dan Payne to throw some shapes too.

"For those of you who haven't been following Great American Family's Story, there's kind of been a dance-off between Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe, then Jen Lilly and Jessie Hutch," Bure, 46, explained in an Instagram Story Wednesday.

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Dance challenge accepted! ??????????
Dance challenge accepted! ??????????

Andrea Barber Instagram Andrea Barber dance battle

"Then they invited me and Marc Blucas. And now I have tagged Andrea Barber and Dan Payne, to get into these dance wars that are hopefully going to just end today, 'cuz I don't think any of us have time to do any more dance wars," she continued.

"We actually have to make movies," Bure joked, though she noted that she was still "waiting for Andrea and Dan, wanna see your dance!"

Bure and Blucas set the bar high from the get-go. The pair posted a video of them dancing a combination of ballroom, "club dancing" and a homage to the famous lift sequence from 1987's Dirty Dancing (which they actually pulled off!).

Soon after, Barber, 46, and Payne, 50, responded with their own video, in which they feigned a desire for their co-stars to "go really really easy on us" before busting some moves dressed as Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause to the holiday classic "Jingle Bells". The pair also dragged in actress Kerensa Cooper to help, dressed as an elf.

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Not to be outdone, McKellar and Bledsoe got in on the act from the set of their upcoming film Christmas at the Drive-In by performing a Christmas-themed lip sync of "Summer Lovin'" from 1978's Grease.

Oh hey, #GreatAmericanFamily Christmas Movie Dance Wars
Oh hey, #GreatAmericanFamily Christmas Movie Dance Wars

Danica McKellar Instagram Danica Mckellar dance battle

"Let's be clear, we have been extremely impressed with the content from our fellow @gactv stars currently shooting @gactv Christmas movies: @jen_lilley @jesse_hutch @andreabarber @actordanpayne and of course @candacecbure & @marcblucas11 with that incredible Dirty Dancing lift," McKellar wrote in her Instagram caption Wednesday night. "But we couldn't resist a little Grease, seeing as how we are shooting a movie about an old-fashioned 1950's style drive-in!"

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"We love the dances, they're great, really impressive actually," McKellar added in her video post.

"That said, we decided to crush you… with a musical," Bledsoe added.

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McKellar continued that her and Bledsoe's video was their "latest rebuttal" in the series of dance-off videos and suggested she'd like to everyone involved to perform musicals in future dance challenges.

"Yeah, we're bringing a musical now. I'm curious to see people get into more musicals," McKellar said. "This is a lot of fun. Who knew that shooting a Christmas movie could involve so much dance and competition?"