Dancing horse lifts TikTokers’ spirits: ‘This made me so happy’

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A dancing horse in Germany won over TikTok with its perfect choreography. 

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Dressage is an Olympic discipline in horse riding. To compete, horses and riders must perform choreographed movements with perfect form and fluidity. It’s basically like a dance number where the rider takes the lead and the horse follows. Horses who compete in dressage must have a special trust and bond with their human riders. 

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TikToker @jomibaduja_jenny showed off one of her horse’s dressage skills in a viral video

First, she twirled around and the horse pulled her sweater off her back for a quick wardrobe change. The pair kicked together and bowed in sync. Then the horse stood on its hind legs before the duo did some footwork in unison.

The fun video racked up 9.5 million views and 1.9 million likes on TikTok.

While some users expressed discomfort about the “whip” in the rider’s hands, others noted that it’s actually a cue stick which is meant to be an extension of her arm and used to nudge the animal, not to strike them. 

“The things they are holding are cue sticks or crops. It’s used as an extension of the arm to sort of push or tap as if it were your hand, not for hitting,” someone explained

“Your horse does this dance better than I ever will,” a user wrote

“This made me so happy for some reason,” another commented

“The amount of joy I experienced watching this,” a person said

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