Dan Levy 'haunted' after turning down Barbie role

Dan Levy turned down a role in Barbie credit:Bang Showbiz
Dan Levy turned down a role in Barbie credit:Bang Showbiz

Dan Levy is "haunted" by his decision to turn down a role in 'Barbie'.

The former 'Schitt's Creek' star was asked to play one of the Kens in Greta Gerwig's blockbuster smash hit but he was unable to accept the part because of scheduling conflicts and he admitted it was a "tough" decision to have to make.

He told People magazine: "Logistically, could not make it work despite desperately trying to. So, yeah, I guess I was technically unavailable to do that.

"Does it haunt me when I sleep at night? Sometimes. It's not like it isn't one of the biggest movies of all time. That was a tough day."

The 40-year-old actor found it particularly difficult to turn down the role because he's such a big fan of the director.

He said: "I think Greta has such a, like, wonderfully bizarre and magical aesthetic idea of what that movie was.

"I would have loved to play in her world. I think she is one of the great, young auteurs of our time."

Dan can currently be seen in 'Good Grief', a Netflix movie he wrote, directed, and stars in, and the film sees him playing an artist who embarks on a trip to Paris with his two best friends in a bid to get over the death of his husband, who is played by Luke Evans.

And Dan admitted the movie was inspired by the valued friendships he has in his own life.

He said: “As someone who’s single a lot, your friends are the loves of your life.

“The friends I have are lifers. I love them dearly, to the point where I wrote a movie about that love and how it can save us in the hardest of times.”