Dan Bongino Urges ‘Mass Disobedience’ Against Vax Mandates

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Fox News
Fox News

Fox News host Dan Bongino called on conservatives to rise up against vaccine mandates and engage in “mass disobedience,” telling Fox viewers Thursday that “we outnumber them” and that “elections aren’t going to fix this.”

In recent weeks, Bongino—who is fully vaccinated—has been on a crusade against Cumulus Media, which syndicates his daily radio show, over the company’s requirement that all in-office employees get vaccinated. Daring Cumulus to fire him over his on-air protests, Bongino has since been called out by his fellow radio colleagues for “virtue signaling” on the issue, noting that his “principled stand” came a week after the company’s mandate went into effect.

His cable news rivals have also mocked him over his “tough guy routine,” pointing out that while Bongino seemingly threatens to quit Cumulus over its COVID-19 policy, he has remained largely mum over Fox News’ stringent vaccine protocols, which require unvaccinated employees to submit to daily testing. (Bongino, to his credit, has criticized Fox in the past on other issues.)

While still taking a hands-off approach to Fox’s own vaccine requirements, the conservative firebrand on Thursday instead decided to call for an uprising against the government itself.

With the Biden administration announcing Jan. 4 as the deadline for big private employers to mandate vaccines or implement weekly COVID-19 testing of workers—a plan the president set into motion in September—Republican lawmakers and officials have vowed to take the federal government to court.

Appearing on Fox News Primetime on Thursday evening, Bongino exclaimed that the vaccine policies were part of an “endless push towards socialism” and this is “all about them taking custody of you.”

“You get your power from us,” he raged, referencing the White House. “It’s consent of the governed. It’s the power of the people. We give you authority. You don’t give us a damn thing!”

After calling liberalism a “cult,” the pro-Trump pundit said liberals know there will be “some civil disobedience like they haven’t seen” but that “they push forward anyway.”

Recalling a conversation he had with fellow right-wing radio host Steve Deace, Bongino said Deace made a “great point” that “elections aren’t going to fix this.” Although Bongino conceded that “elections are great” and he was happy about Tuesday night’s results in Virginia and New Jersey, Bongino urged viewers to revolt against the government.

“But you know what’s going to fix this? When you understand the fact that this is your country, not theirs,” he proclaimed. “We outnumber them. The consent of the governed matters and we revoke our consent.”

He continued: “Once you realize that, then you have the power, not them. And we take it back through mass disobedience. Everything will change, I promise you.”

Fox News Primetime guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy, who has likened vaccine mandates to “apartheid,” applauded Bongino’s call to action.

“I agree 100 percent with that,” she gleefully responded.

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