Damon Albarn and Billie Eilish will make music together, according to Gorillaz frontman

Damon Albarn and Billie Eilish have plans to make music together, according to the Gorillaz and Blur frontman.

Responding to questions about whether the artists will collaborate in the studio to make music, Albarn said: “Yeah, I think we keep trying to do it. It’s just a case of schedules.”

"She’s wonderful. I love her. I only became aware of her really through her music,” said Albarn in an interview on Apple Music 1.

Albarn admitted he had no idea yet what the music would end up sounding like: “Who knows? [It] could be kind of babbling brook folk or dark satanic metal.”

The pair clearly have a mutual respect for each other; Eilish brought out Albarn during her headline Coachella set earlier this year.

Together, they previously performed Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” and Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc”.

During the performance, Eilish told the crowd that “Blur and Gorillaz changed the world” and called Albarn a “genius”.

"This man changed my life in a lot of ways and changed my complete view of what music could be, and what art could be, and what creation could be,” she said.