Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones critical of congressional report about the Washington Commanders

Michael Ainsworth/AP

Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones said Friday during his weekly weekly radio appearance on the K&C Masterpiece on Audacy’s 105.3 that he is not happy about the congressional report that was released on Thursday that scrutinizes the Washington Commanders.

“I hope our fans see how politically-biased this report is,” Jones said. “This report doesn’t even come out if the Republicans were in Congress. It’s that stupid.”

The report, released Thursday by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform, is critical of the Washington Commanders and alleges the franchise of workplace harassment and sexual misconduct incidents.

The report, “How the NFL and the Washington Commanders covered up decades of sexual misconduct” was prepared by a committee of 25 Democrats and 20 Republicans. Democrat Carolyn Maloney, of New York, was the chair of the committee.

“The Committee’s investigation shows that the NFL has not protected workers from sexual harassment and abuse, has failed to ensure victims can speak out without fear of retaliation, and has not sought true accountability for those responsible, even after decades of misconduct,” the report states. “Congress should act swiftly to address these deficiencies and protect workers across the United States.”

When asked of the 79-page report that stated Commanders owner Dan Snyder interfered with the NFL’s investigation into his organization, Jones was critical.

“My point is there are biases all the way through,” Jones said. “There are stories behind the stories. My point is there are biases all the way through.”

Media partner WFAA contributed to this story.