Dakota Johnson balanced acting and producing roles on Daddio

Dakota Johnson acted in and produced Daddio credit:Bang Showbiz
Dakota Johnson acted in and produced Daddio credit:Bang Showbiz

Dakota Johnson enjoyed the "natural" feeling of acting and producing 'Daddio'.

The 34-year-old actress appears opposite Sean Penn in the movie about "life-altering conversations" between a taxi driver and his passenger and felt comfortable juggling responsibilities both in front of and behind the camera.

Dakota told The Hollywood Reporter at the movie's Tribeca Film Festival premiere on Monday (10.06.24): "It was amazing. There was such a flow to everything on set, and it just felt very natural and very inspiring to be able to be an equal with everyone that I was working with."

The picture has been written and directed by Christy Hall and she also hailed Dakota for her work on the movie, revealing that she was pivotal to getting Penn on board.

The filmmaker said: "She wears both hats so beautifully. It was incredible.

"She's actually the one that slipped the script to Sean Penn, and he read right away and said that he would love to do it. So honestly, working with both of them, they're both masters of their craft, and it's been one of the greatest gifts of my life."

Meanwhile, the 'Madame Web' star's TeaTime Pictures producing partner Ro Donelly explained that it was a challenge to make a flick that is set almost entirely with just two people in a cab.

She said: "It felt like a bit of an impossible film. It's just a story about two people who connect deeply as human beings without judgement, and we just don't get to see that anymore. We were making the anti-blockbuster."