'The Daily Show' mashes up Sean Hannity and Eminem in silly parody

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the host took a look at Sean Hannity's interesting spin on the recent FBI indictment of Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort and the guilty plea from George Papadopoulos. Hannity has a special way of spinning the news and it almost has a stream of conscious sound to it that Noah compared to a well versed rap. "I feel like that's the closest Sean Hannity will ever come to a rap battle," Noah said.

And if you thought there was a slim chance of ever seeing Hannity in a rap battle, Noah went ahead and made that dream a reality with a video parody mashup of Hannity's very chatty head on Eminem's body during Eminem's recent cypher, an anti-Trump rap that aired on BET during their 2017 Hip Hop Awards. Though the Hannity-Eminem mashup might not seem like the most obvious of marriages, the two guys do both have a lot to say.