‘The Daily Show’ to Launch a New Jordan Klepper Conspiracy Theory -Themed Podcast (Exclusive)

“The Daily Show” will be launching a new, six-episode limited series podcast from Jordan Klepper, TheWrap can exclusively reveal.

“Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy” will see the host “step off the trail to dig deep into some of the wildest theories he’s heard, and trace their origins with journalists, experts, and anyone who might have a lead on when JFK Jr. is coming back,” per a logline from Comedy Central.

“In his adventures into MAGA country, Jordan Klepper encounters some of the more imaginative, conspiratorial minds America has to offer,” the logline continues. The podcast “offers an opportunity to better understand the stories Americans tell themselves.”

The podcast is an evolution of the Comedy Central star’s Emmy-nominated “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse,” which features the host questioning and satirizing attendees of Donald Trump rallies, anti-vaccine gatherings and other MAGA-affiliated events.

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Klepper has frequently gone viral for trapping with his segments from in the field.

Most recently, his special, “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Globe: Hungary for Democracy,” took him to the European country to talk to residents about recent political affairs.

His Emmy-nominated special, “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse — Into The MAGAverse,” featured his time in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, documenting how the day unfolded.