‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Michael Kosta Hits Supreme Court With Blunt New Legal Theory

The Daily Show” guest host Michael Kosta delivered a new legal theory for Supreme Court justices to give a try after the court heard oral arguments Wednesday in a case on bump stocks, which allow semiautomatic rifles to fire hundreds of rounds per minute.

The gun component –– banned by then-President Donald Trump after the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, the deadliest in U.S. history –– was the focus of arguments that focused on whether guns with bump stocks “can be considered illegal machine guns under federal law,” according to The Associated Press.

Kosta, who reacted to a clip of someone firing a weapon, admitted he’s not a “machine gun expert” before dropping advice for justices who spent the day throwing around “very technical questions” on trigger functions versus trigger pulls.

“But I’d like to suggest we approach this case with my new legal theory. It’s called looking at something with your fucking eyes,” Kosta said.

“For instance, if a gun can fire 5,000 rounds a second, you can debate firing mechanisms, or you can look with your fucking eyes and see that it’s a machine gun.”

Kosta added that his theory “doesn’t just stop” with machine guns, and it can apply to in vitro fertilization, as well.

“You could debate viability or conception, or you could just look with your fucking eyes and see if this is a cluster of cells in a Petri dish, not a person, OK?” Kosta said.

“Do I have to take this Petri dish to the playground and give it snacks all day? No, then it’s not a person.”