Dad’s choice to name son after a video game character sparks feud

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A father’s decision to name his son after his favourite video game character has started a huge rift in the family.

Taking to Reddit to share his story, the man revealed that his mother wants nothing to do with her future grandson because of the name.

Pregnant couple.
The couple have been met with criticism after wanting to name their child after a video game character. Photo: Getty

The user explained that he and his wife share a love for video games and first met by playing a game together online.

They are both very excited to welcome a baby boy in October, and it will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family.

However, drama shortly began after they decided to name their firstborn after a fictional video game character.

“My wife and I were both greatly moved by the story of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2,” he began in the ‘Am I The A*****e’ forum. “We consider him one of the best fictional characters of all time.”

The dad-to-be said that because of their emotional attachment to the character, they want to use Arthur Morgan as the first and middle name for their son.

“Not only would we be paying tribute to our favourite character, but there's nothing wrong or 'weird' about the names, other than Arthur is a little old-fashioned now,” he continued.

“But it isn't as if we're naming him Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong.”

Man playing video games.
The pair want to name their child after the character Arthur Morgan from the game Red Dead Redemption. Photo: Getty

The poster then described that his mother has been pressuring them to name their son after her late brother who passed away over 25 years ago.

After the mum found out that they were naming her future grandson after a fictional character instead of her brother, “she completely flipped out”.

She proceeded to berate the couple for “honouring someone who doesn't actually exist over her flesh-and-blood sibling”, but they told her that they will still be naming him Arthur.

“When we tried gently (and then firmly) to advise her that we respected her position but that we weren't going to budge on ours, she walked out and told us that she would have nothing to do with our son and would never acknowledge him as family,” he divulged.

The man explained that he’s always had a good relationship with his mother and wants her to be a part of his child’s life, so he doesn’t know what to do now.

Users online took to the comments to share their opinion about the story, with many people agreeing that he’s not the one in the wrong.

“It’s your child, you decide,” one person replied. “Children are people, not memorials.”

“The mother is also forgetting the fact that it’s the name that matters, not where they got it from,” another added. “Arthur is absolutely a normal name.”

“Your mother is using emotional blackmail and she can not be rewarded for that,” a third pointed out. “I hope she realises she's overreacting and will come around once she sees her grandchild.”

Others shared the unique stories behind their own names or their children’s names.

“I’m named after The Bionic Woman because my dad had a crush on the actress who played her,” someone confessed, while another shared, “my kid is named after two of the Golden Girls”.

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