Dad reports Fresno kidnapping after man wants more money for ride. Here’s how it ended

A man was arrested Friday after he allegedly kidnapped two members of a family he had agreed to drive to Fresno.

The Fresno Police Department said an officer was waved down by a man near Maple and Central avenues about a kidnapping involving his family. He said his wife and son were being held hostage.

The father told officers he agreed to pay the man to take his wife and two young children from the Mexico border to Fresno.

The suspect arrived in Fresno with the family members and met the father at the agreed location. But the suspect demanded more money for the trip, police said.

The father and the suspect began to argue. During the quarrel, another family member ran to the suspect’s vehicle and grabbed the father’s 4-year-old daughter.

Police said the wife and son remained in the suspect’s vehicle and the man told the father to call him when he had more money and then drove away.

Officers investigated and, working with the FBI, were able to track the suspect’s phone to a Madera address.

The suspect, who was not identified, was arrested.

The family members were not injured, police said.