New dad has priceless reaction to holding his baby boy for the first time: ‘My heart exploded’

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A mom captured her husband’s heartwarming reaction to holding their baby boy for the first time, and TikTok is swooning! 

TikToker Sarah Beeston (@sarbeeston) gained over 13 million views and 27,000 comments when she posted the touching footage to her account.

And just like the teenage boys who collapsed into tears when they first met their new baby sibling, her husband’s love for his newborn is bringing a tear to TikTokers’ eyes around the world!

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In the video, Sarah’s husband gently holds his newborn son, with a look of pure shock and awe written across his face.

“You can take him on the bed over there if you want to sit down,” a voice suggests to the speechless father.

Seemingly in a daze, Dad walks over to the bed and gingerly sits down, his eyes never leaving his baby’s face.

“Hi bud,” he coos at the newborn, as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing or holding.

Gently, he kisses the baby’s face — then beams into the camera, “He’s so cute!”

“My heart exploded,” Sarah’s caption reads — and judging by the thousands of emotional comments, she’s not alone!

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‘This is pure joy. This is what life is about…’

“New rule: you should not be able to have kids until you are at a point in your life where you can look at them like this!!” one TikToker wrote.

“The one time that you can watch your husband fall in love with someone else and be OK with it,” another user commented.

“I’m crying! His face says it all. How beautiful, the pure love and awe,” shared another user.

“Some people were just born to be awesome parents. You and your husband definitely are!” commented another.

“This is pure joy. This is what life is about,” wrote one user.

“What a beautiful moment. Thank you both so much for sharing this special moment with us,” another comment read.

Clearly, Sarah’s family and their sweet videos are spreading love around the world — something we could definitely never have enough of.

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