Dad finds creative way to watch baby while gaming

This TikToker’s husband found the most creative way to watch his baby while gaming at the same time!

Genesis (@esis_jara) is a new mom and TikToker who shares videos of her husband, baby, and dog. Being a new parent is time-consuming, and Genesis and her husband sometimes struggle to find time for themselves. That’s why Genesis was surprised recently when she discovered her husband had found a creative way to watch their baby while playing video games at the same time!

The video begins with Genesis entering her bedroom. As she walks through the doorway, the room gradually comes into view. First, Genesis’ baby is revealed, fast asleep in a rocking crib. Around the baby are a handful of scattered pillows and toys, and next to the crib stands Genesis’ bed. Genesis’ husband, meanwhile, is nowhere to be seen.

“I asked my husband to watch her while I eat,” Genesis writes in a caption.

Genesis continues walking into the room, turning the camera as she does so. The camera pans over her bed, and reaches the other side of the room. Genesis’ husband is sitting at a desk playing video games, with his back facing the baby! The dad stares at a computer screen and listens to the game audio through a headset.

But then, Genesis turns the camera to show that her husband isn’t being a negligent dad after all! He has his phone set up on a tripod and has the camera app open. The phone screen is zoomed in on the crib, and shows the baby sleeping peacefully.

The dad is playing video games, while also keeping his eye on the baby at the same time! The video ends as Genesis zooms in on the phone screen to show the cozy baby rocking back and forth in the crib.

Viewers were cracking up at the dad’s creative hack.

“This is so clever! Able to ‘game’ for himself while also watching the sleeping [baby],” one viewer applauded.

“Work smarter not harder,” another TikToker joked.

“I’m sorry, but this is genius,” commented another impressed viewer.

Who said being a parent is all work and no play?

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