Dad dumbfounded by stepson’s ‘humiliating’ Father’s Day gift: ‘I almost cried’

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A man can’t seem to connect with his 16-year-old stepson, and it’s become truly upsetting.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Despite him putting in the effort, his stepson doesn’t seem interested in bonding. Whenever the teenager does give him attention, it usually turns out to be a prank. But on Father’s Day, the Reddit poster believes his stepson took the jokes too far.

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“I have two stepkids. My stepdaughter is the apple of my eye, I love her to pieces, but my stepson has a difficult personality,” the stepfather explained. “It’s been difficult trying to establish a good bond with him like my stepdaughter. My wife says that’s his nature, so I should stop pressuring him. He recently started spending time with me, but every time, he’d pull a nasty prank. Like replace my shampoo or ruin my credit card or ruin my tires/rear lights. I was worried for my safety and got paranoid about getting in the car or going to the supermarket with a ruined credit card. So I kept my distance.”

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The pranks drove a rift between them but on Father’s Day, the Reddit poster that all changed. He was wrong.

“Father’s Day, I took my wife and my stepson and stepdaughter to [my in-law’s] house for breakfast,” he wrote. “I received a beautiful gift from my stepdaughter and didn’t expect my stepson to get me anything as always. But he did bring me a gift. I opened the box and saw a stinky, old sock of mine that I lost a couple of months ago placed inside. The look on my face said it all. My stepson encouraged me to show everybody what he’s got me. I just got up and walked out of the room silently while my stepson was laughing behind me. What he did felt so humiliating I almost cried. My wife is upset that I left.”

Reddit users thought the stepson was being hurtful.

“You shouldn’t have to put up with this,” a person commented.

“You need to have a serious conversation with your wife,” another advised.

“Your wife is coddling him,” someone suggested.

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