Dad’s attempted diaper check turns into a hilarious high-speed chase: ‘He is concealing something deadly’

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An Aussie dad tried to check his toddler’s diaper, and it turned into a high-speed chase.

TikToker @TheMoDad shared a video of what should have been a routine nappy check. However, his toddler son resisted the procedure and made a run for it, causing the father to chase him down the halls.

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“I’d like to check that nappy. Just a few questions about that nappy,” the father said.

He tried to do a diaper check, but his son was on the move. The toddler did not want his nappy checked and quickly fled the scene, leading to a hot pursuit between him and daddy.

“Oh my god. White male. Southbound. 3 feet, 3 inches,” the father said as if he were calling in a perp to a police squad. “In pursuit with a K9 unit.”

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The dad ran after his son, with the family dog chasing them from behind.

“Unarmed. S*** run. Hair like a mongrel,” the dad said.

The hilarious video received over 18 million views and 2.9 million likes on TikTok.

“Unarmed? That nappy is loaded and at the ready with the safety off,” a user joked.

“I don’t know about unarmed. I reckon he is concealing something deadly in that nappy!” another wrote.

“LOL. Why do they always run when you try to check the nappy?” someone said.

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