Dad accidentally grows massive pumpkin patch after throwing rotten gourd in the yard

A father’s random Halloween experiment resulted in an accidental backyard pumpkin patch. Oops.

TikToker Michael Anderson resides in upstate New York — where the largest gourd in the country currently resides. Pumpkins and squash are native to the area, so the soil and climate are quite hospitable to their growth. So it’s no surprise that when Anderson chucked a rotting pumpkin into a corner of his backyard, it multiplied.

“That time we accidentally turned 1 pumpkin into 27 pumpkins,” the video caption read.

Last Halloween, Anderson decided to try a little experiment when the family’s pumpkins started to rot on the porch.

“Why don’t we just throw it in the back corner of the yard just to see if perchance it’ll grow next year?” he suggested to his kid.

By August, his entire backyard and some of the neighbor’s yard had turned into a “massive pumpkin patch.” The pumpkins, along with their leaves, vines and flowers, completely took over the area.

“I have no idea how it happened to this extent,” he said.

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But by September, he was ready to harvest the pumpkins and place them back on his porch for decoration.

“Not me seeing this after actually trying to grow pumpkins for a year and failing miserably,” a user said.

“We had a sweet potato that was growing in the pantry and my kid buried in the backyard. We had sweet potatoes for years,” another wrote.

“I had that with watermelon I had over 60 big size watermelons!” a TikToker commented.

“Never under estimate the pumpkin. I once had a pumpkin for 3 years. It never died. When I threw it away it always came back” a person added.

“I accidentally did that with those mini gourds. Things got out of hand very quickly,” someone replied.

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