Cynthia Nixon Defends How Miranda Treats Her Husband Steve on And Just Like That...

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Cynthia Nixon is speaking up for Miranda Hobbes on And Just Like That...

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live Thursday, host Andy Cohen asked the actress, 55, to share her thoughts on how her character acts towards her husband Steve Brady (played by David Eigenberg) in the Sex and the City spinoff.

"Do you understand why fans are so upset about Steve's treatment in this new iteration?" Cohen, 53, asked his guest.

On the show, Miranda tells her husband she wants to end their marriage, after finding romance with non-binary comedian and podcast host Che Diaz (played by Sara Ramirez). After the latest AJLT episode aired, many viewers agreed on Twitter that "Steve deserved better."

"I had so many tears for him. Miranda has dragged this man through hell for years," one user wrote.

Cynthia Nixon Addresses Miranda’s Alcoholism | WWHL
Cynthia Nixon Addresses Miranda’s Alcoholism | WWHL

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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"And just like that I realize, maybe Miranda should have never been with Steve to begin with," another echoed.

"I do [understand]," Nixon told Cohen, 53, regarding fans' feelings, "but I have to say that that's the thing about breakups. Often times there's one person that is making the breakup happen and the other person who is reluctant."

She added, "But I have to say, that person who's reluctant is pretty miserable too, and they're just not admitting it."

When asked about Steve's lackluster skills involving one particular sexual act, Nixon told Cohen, "I think it's been a while."

On the Jan. 20 episode, Miranda realizes that in order to pursue a relationship with Che, she must first end her marriage with her husband.

"I want Che and this is something that I have to do, or there's no Che," Miranda told Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), before informing her husband of her decision.

David Eigenberg, Cynthia Nixon
David Eigenberg, Cynthia Nixon

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

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Che, who previously believed that Miranda was in an open marriage with Steve, cut things off after learning that wasn't the case.

While breaking the news, Miranda told her husband that she loved him, before asking to hold his hands. "Why? You want to ask me for a divorce or something?" he joked.

Upon realizing that was indeed what she was getting to, Steve said, "Holy s---. I was just kidding again. Are you serious?"

"I can't do this anymore," Miranda said. "I'm not happy."

The season 1 finale of AJLT airs Feb. 3 on HBO Max

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