Curious-looking estate for sale in California is ‘a celebration of life in harmony’

Kat Alves for Sotheby's International Realty

A rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind house has landed on the real estate market in Nevada City, California, for $3.3 million.

It’s referred to as the “Mountain House” and this overwhelmingly original home is tucked away in the picturesque Sierra Nevadas and is special for a couple reasons.

“Designed by the internationally renowned Japanese firm Atelier Bow-Wow, the property unfolds over 60 private, forested acres with the centerpiece — the meticulously designed and thoughtfully crafted residential structure settled into this lush land, bordered by the U.S. Forest Service on three sides,” the listing on Sotheby’s International Realty says. “The architects, celebrated for their intelligent and compact designs created a livable work of art as their first and only home built in the United States.”

The firm carefully worked to build the home over nine years and was careful not to disturb the nature surrounding it, which includes a 19th century gold mine “Sailor Flat,” the listing says.

“Atelier Bow-Wow’s vision encompasses a design philosophy that honors the environment, manifesting in a structure that treads lightly on the land and resources while maximizing its connection to a breathtaking landscape,” the listing explains.

Features include:

  • Open roof

  • Forest views

  • “The essence of Japanese design” permeating every corner

  • Oversized glass doors

  • Concrete floor

  • Porcelain tubs

  • Privacy

“Mountain House is not just a dwelling; it is a living testament to the boundless possibilities of architectural innovation, honest materials and a celebration of life in harmony with the natural world,” the listing says.

The listing is held by Eric Lavey.

Nevada City is about 60 miles northeast of Sacramento.

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