CTT Pharma Corporate Updates

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Tampa, Florida, United States – TheNewswire – January 30, 2023 – CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CTTH) received notification from our development partner, that our first oral prototypes including gummies, gum, and pills is completed and will be shipped to CTT this week. These products will contain caffeine in 25mg and 50mg for each deliverable. Once delivered, CTT will begin extensive testing and gather necessary information from these products. The next production of prototypes will include THC in 5mg and 10mg for gummies, gum and pills. The objective of these products is to create products that work faster using variations of our technology. CTT Pharma’s dissolvable strips will remain the fastest deliverable as it works as quick as an injection, however creating additional oral products that work faster could create more opportunities for CTT.

Furthermore, CTT Pharma is also in discussions with manufacturers in the USA and Canada for our patented dissolvable strips. CTT will notify shareholders once more information becomes available.

About CTT Pharma

Our patented technology offers protection using many different APIs on dissolvable strips and in other oral deliverables. CTT successfully received Health Canada approval for our dissolvable THC Strips and sold out in weeks to 80,000 medical patients with no advertising. CTT’s dissolvable strips enter the bloodstream once dissolved in the mouth, bypassing the lungs and digestive tract, allowing for better absorption, faster onset, as fast as an injection, and the ability to combine products, such as using Nicotine and CBD on a dissolvable strip together.

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