CryptoMall enables Crypto Payments on Popular E-Commerce Websites

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Crypto Mall

Crypto Mall
Crypto Mall
Crypto Mall

Moscow, Russia, May 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town. With unexpected coins like dogecoins making huge waves in the market, people have slowly started taking notice of the potential of crypto-based currencies.The main challenge to make crypto a viable source of wealth was flexibility in using it just like cash. But now that has changed with Crypto Mall all set to bridge the gap!

What is Crypto Mall?

Crypto Mall is a project that aims to serve as a crypto currency alternative to credit cards and PayPal. Crypto mall as a payment partner can be integrated with services ranging from e-commerce to bill processing.

To put it in simple terms, you can now pay for your favourite products and services with cryptocurrencies using Crypto Mall. The team at crypto mall is working on viable partnerships with the big giants like Amazon, e-bay, Ali Express, and many more.

So how should you start using Crypto Mall and is it safe?

Crypto Mall uses one of the most sophisticated encryptions to make sure that every single transaction that you make using Crypto Mall is safe and secure. Crypto Mall uses its very own cryptocurrency called CMALL that you can buy with its advanced coin payments system that supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies as of now.
Crypto Mall is an extension-based service, so this means that when you buy any of the packages with Crypto Mall, you will be able to add the Crypto Mall extension on your browser with which you can make purchases on your favourite websites. As of now, Crypto mall is compatible with

  • Amazon

  • Ali Express

  • eBay

  • Wish

  • Walmart

  • Only Fans

  • Live Jasmin

The company states that they will be rolling out extensions for more websites-based businesses as well shortly. Crypto mall is currently running a pre-sale to gather funds for the development of extensions with other platforms.

Why should you be interested in Crypto Mall?

Crypto is slowly turning out to be the replacement of cash and assets. This means that the future is Crypto. Many companies like tesla have already started accepting payments in terms of Crypto and this means that your favourite burger joint may also start accepting crypto.

Using Crypto mall can give you an upper hand on what it feels like to pay with Crypto and you never know, you might feel like paying everything with Crypto. Crypto Mall is developing associations with a lot of platforms and is already present with the mainstream players. This means that Crypto Mall would be your payment partner that you can use for almost any service.

Is Crypto Mall difficult to use?

Crypto Mall has probably one of the simplest user interfaces and this means that you can make payments with a click, as simple as that. Crypto Mall has an extension kind of setup and this means that you don’t have to break your head to add it to your browser. You can add the extension to your browser at the click of a button that you can see on the application. Crypto mall is making huge waves and it should be the first on your checkout list if you are trying to enter the Crypto eco-system. Trust me, it is simple.
You can check the latest updates of the Crypto Mall on their Telegram Channel.

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