Crying Utah State cheerleader joins growing list of 'March Sadness' memes

Whenever there are multiple cameras around any sporting event, they are bound to catch something that has the potential to go viral.

Throw in the one-and-done nature of the NCAA Tournament, it's a lock there will be cameras that catch the heartbreaking notion that a team's season or a player's career is over.

On Thursday, cameras had no problem spotting sad fans, especially in the men's first-round matchup between No. 10 seed Utah State and No. 7 seed Missouri on TNT.

The Aggies found themselves down late and once it was clear they weren't going to win the game, cameras easily found material to add to the "March Sadness" memes.

They focused on one Utah State cheerleader, cut to another camera angle, and then went right back to the cheerleader showing her crying. As if directed to do so, cameras then found four or five more fans unaware their misery was being broadcast to millions of people.

Missouri ultimately won 76-65, sparing their fans from the same treatment for at least one more round.

Because the internet, is well the internet, the cheerleader's face will be the face of sadness for the near future, joining the Northwestern kid, the Villanova piccolo girl, and perhaps, not getting enough credit is Gonzaga forward Adam Morrison losing his soul after the Bulldogs blew a late lead in the 2006 Sweet 16 matchup against UCLA.

For all the sadness, let's hope the Utah State cheerleader takes advantage of her 15 minutes of fame and cashes in during this era of NIL ... because what else is she supposed to do?

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Crying Utah State cheerleader on list of March Madness sad fan memes