Crushing on a Taurus Woman? Read This Before You Ask Her Out

Astrology can help us understand more about ourselves and the people we love/date/hopelessly crush on—no matter their gender. For more deets on Taurus compatibility, check out our guide to dating a Taurus man and our gender-neutral guide to dating a Taurus.

It's so easy to like a Taurus woman. From the way the sunlight just seems to highlight her face perfectly, to her natural inclination to be sweet, she's basically a goddess. It sounds corny, I know…it's just that Taurus women are the original earth queens. Literally: Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, and metaphorically speaking, their energy is like the first blade of grass appearing after a long winter. Let's talk more about Taurus women:

The Taurus Basics

Birthday: April 19 - May 20

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Symbol: The bull

Keywords: Peaceful, calm, observant, stable, loyal, luxurious

Love anthem: "Rider"by Mereba

Famous Taurus women: Rosario Dawson, Janet Jackson, Cher, Megan Fox, Barbra Streisand, Miranda Kerr, Adele, Jessica Alba, Kelly Clarkson, Penelope Cruz, Gigi Hadid, Adele, Kehlani, Lana Condor, Sabrina Carpenter, Lizzo, Charli D'Amelio, Jojo Siwa

A Taurus woman's personality traits

Somehow, Taurus women's presence seems timeless, as if they have always been there. It's easy to see their kind nature, which means that some people try to take advantage of them. Tauruses can be mildly standoffish and tend to truly open up only when they're with their closest friends. They aren’t the types to choose to run into drama; instead, they like to focus on developing their intimate relationships.

Contrary to what some may assume, Taurus women are do-ers. If there is something they desire or need, they don't hesitate to go out and get it. While they may appear to be moving slowly or not at all, they are actually making subtle, important moves beneath the surface. Remember, we can't that blade of grass growing underground.

The best matches for a Taurus woman

The best two matches for Taurus are Virgo and Scorpio, but please note that Pisces does get an honorable mention. People with significant Taurus placements have a sweet disposition that makes them easy to be around. Like cows grazing the land, they prefer to enjoy life and not dwell on stress. This is partially why Pisces is an ideal match for a Taurus woman.

However, a Virgo and Taurus pair makes for an even more constructive and enjoyable relationship. Fellow earth sign Virgo steps in and shows their Taurus partner how to make life better. Virgos choose to help their Taurus partner organize their life, and they also exhibit the patience required to motivate the bull. Alternatively, although they're opposites on the zodiac, Scorpio and Taurus have very similar personality types and approaches to life. Even though they might not fully understand each other, they do respect one another.

The worst matches for a Taurus woman

Taurus is less of a match with Leo and Aquarius. Limelight-loving Leo is, TBH, a little annoying to level-headed Taurus. And both Taurus and Leo like to get their own ways, so when they want different things, watch out! Similarly, Taurus can find it hard to connect with air sign Aquarius. Aquarius can seem cold and distant to Taurus, and the two just don't ~get~ each other.

Sex with a Taurus woman

Taurus women can be unapologetic pillow princesses and low-key freaks. And if I didn't need to write a detailed explanation, just know the previous sentence is my final answer. Taurus is a zodiac sign that I associate with greed and indulgence—respectfully. Taurus women enjoy feeling good, pleasured, and pleased. They enjoy the experience of melting into their partners.

If you are interested in having sex with a Taurus, take the pressure off of them. Obviously, you should never pressure anyone to have sex with you, but Tauruses aren’t exactly the biggest fans of expectations. Instead, they enjoy a slow, natural progression. When they are comfortable with you, expect neck and forehead kisses. What starts with a sensual massage can end in rough and slow passion.

A Taurus woman's romantic relationships

A Taurus woman would like to fast-forward through the early stages of dating and get to the part where you're comfortable lounging on the couch together, getting takeout and watching reality TV before cuddling all night. She's a bit of a homebody and loves spending cozy, one-on-one time with her partner. She has a taste for the ~finer things in life~, so splurge on a date at a fancy cocktail bar or an art museum, but go ahead and skip the club nights—she likes to wear comfy shoes.

A Taurus woman's friendships

A Taurus woman is likely to have a small circle of close friends rather than a wide group of casual acquaintances. She can be a bit guarded when you first meet her, and she only really opens up all the way with the people she fully trusts. And you have to earn that trust. But once you do, a Taurus woman will be one of the most loyal, caring friends you'll ever have.

A Taurus woman at work

Hard work is no problem for a Taurus woman. In fact, she might need to be reminded to log off at 5pm and take her full lunch break. She is determined, ambitious, and nothing can stop her when she has her mind set on something. She's also a natural diplomat, good at mediating disagreements between others and smoothing over ruffled feathers. Of course, when someone tells her "no," that's a whole other story.

A Taurus woman at home

One word: Cozy. A Taurus woman wants to be comfortable no matter what. She'll choose the cozy couch she can nap on over the one that looks Instagram-ready, any time. That said, she'll probably choose one that both looks and feels good, because she's got an eye for aesthetics like that. A Taurus woman's home is comfy, clean, and inviting. You're probably tempted to ask her to redecorate and reorganize your place, too.

All about Taurus women

As I mentioned, Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac. When you think Taurus, picture springtime energy: Taurus is all about enjoying the blessing that is beautiful weather. Taurus has a passive energy, which means the while there are zodiac signs that believe in actively seeking out passions, Taurus prefers to enjoy life as it is.

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This isn't always easy for them, especially when the world puts uncomfortable pressures on them. For this reason, Taurus can be reserved, just like their sister sign, Scorpio. They're not trying to be cold, it's just that they're careful about how they put themselves out there...and they're aware of how they come off when they aren’t particular in a great mood. If a Taurus isn't able to bring their A-game to social interactions, they'd prefer to stay at home and fix the problem. TBH, if they're in a bad mood, it’s often because they’ve neglected one or more of their basic needs.

This is exactly why a nurturing Virgo placement is a great match for a Taurus. But no matter your own sign, if you're crushing on a Taurus, you need to know that this earth queen needs someone who reminds them to get enough rest and will ensure that their bodies and minds are nourished! Sorta like a pack of Sour Patch Kids, an untended-to Taurus is is sour until their needs are met, then they are total sweeties.

When dating a Taurus, it’s imperative that you practice a lot of patience. Out of all the zodiac signs (except maybe Scorpio), Taurus is the most stubborn. Taurus is a fixed sign, so their inclination is to sustain and maintain. A Taurus woman won’t be quick to change her opinions or uproot her life for someone. Tauruses are very sensitive to disruptions and changes to their environment. Rainy days and snowstorms can heavily impact their motivation. So imagine trying to convince them to leave their comfort zone, especially after they’ve curated it to their liking!

Taurus is all about stability—in fact, it's their motivation to maintain a sense of regularity that them so strong-willed. If you want to motivate a Taurus to switch up their style, environment, mind, or behavior, you must provide them with reasonable and practical insight. They are value logic, and even if they can be a bit resistant at first, they are open to new ideas and perspectives that make sense.

To charm a Taurus, the best route of action is to be romantic. A Taurus might have a crush on you and want to spend time with you, but they will still need encouragement to open up. This is a zodiac sign that you should consider buying roses for! Investing in your Taurus lover will show them that they are important to you. The care you show to a Taurus will always be returned to you, so don’t sweat your cow-bae.

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