Crowd Cheers as Syrian Children Pulled From Earthquake Rubble After More Than a Day

Multiple children were found alive and pulled from a pile of rubble in Bisnia, Syria, as the country’s death toll from catastrophic earthquakes surpassed 1,800 on Tuesday, February 7.

Footage captured by Karam Kellieh shows a large crowd cheering as authorities rescued multiple people, including children, from debris.

Kellieh said rescuers spent more than a day searching for a family trapped under the debris.

Syria Civil Defence said rescue efforts were continuing “amid great difficulties,” and the group predicted the death toll would rise.

According to Anadolu Agency, a Turkish state-run news agency, the death toll from the quakes had climbed to over 5,400 in Turkey by February 7. Credit: Karam Kellieh via Storyful

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