Crossfuze Formalizes Employee-Centric Culture with FamilyFirst Benefits Program

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Offering new and refreshed employee benefits in 2022, Crossfuze continues to be a leader in creating a work experience that puts employees and their families first.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., January 19, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crossfuze announces new and refreshed employee benefits for 2022 as part of their broader commitment to put employees first. These benefits, known as the "FamilyFirst Benefits Program," are designed to formalize and expand upon the already employee-centric workplace culture.

"With FamilyFirst, we’re showing that we don’t just say we care about our people," said Steve Griffiths, COO. "We back it up with our policies."

While many of the benefits are new, others represent the formalization of cultural priorities that the company has embodied for years, such as remote work flexibility. In addition to the existing comprehensive benefits package, the new and updated benefits include the following:

  • Support for new parents, including company-paid maternity and paternity leave, adoption and fertility assistance and shipping of breastmilk for nursing mothers who travel for work

  • Generous time away from work, including additional PTO for mental health days, year-round half-day Fridays, and extended bereavement leave

  • Autonomy to determine when and where work gets done

  • Company-funded, employee-led Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging task force

"The FamilyFirst Benefits Program demonstrates how we’re continually striving to make Crossfuze a place where the best and brightest want to work," Griffiths said. "We truly value our employees and want to provide them with the environment and support they need to be successful at work and at home."

The new benefits were crafted around the belief that Crossfuze can continue to serve their customers at high levels while also giving employees the time, flexibility and support they need to be fulfilled both in their work and in their personal lives. Specifically, Crossfuze developed the benefits around six principles:

  • Personal time is valuable

  • Our families are invaluable

  • Flexibility in work is crucial

  • We are not robots; we need time off to thrive

  • We are committed to a diverse and inclusive culture

  • We think long-term with investments in training, healthcare, and retirement programs

The policies formalized through the FamilyFirst program underscore the company’s commitment to helping employees make work and life integrate effectively.

"Our consultants have the autonomy to manage their own schedules and the demands of their customers and colleagues," said Jennifer Bierman, SVP, Service Delivery. "We trust our team members to do the right thing as they work through the natural ebbs and flows in consulting. With clear communication on goals, how and when work happens can be left up to the individual."

Crossfuze takes pride in hiring top talent, recognizing that their employees are what make them one of the top ServiceNow partners in the industry. That understanding has made their priorities clear.

"As part of our commitment to our employees, we strive to invest in meaningful ways for our collective benefit,'' said Chris Howard, CEO. "The FamilyFirst benefits are an example of doing just that."

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