‘It’s a crisis’: Tech executive’s 10-month-old accidentally overdoses on fentanyl at California playground

A 10-month-old baby overdosed on fentanyl after finding it on a San Francisco playground, according to the child’s father.

“It could be just a freak thing, but it’s a crisis in general and these kinds of incidents are going to happen unless something changes,” Ivan Matkovic, founder of the IT firm Spendgo, told The San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday.

Fire officials confirmed to the paper that they revived a child from cardiac arrest at Moscone Park on Tuesday afternoon, and the San Francisco Police Department’s Robert Rueca told the Chronicle that the child had been exposed to fentanyl.

Mr Matkovic also showed the paper a hospital report about the visit, though Sutter Health CMPC says it can’t confirm the document, owing to patient confidentiality.

“I’m frankly ignorant to the fentanyl problem,” Mr Matkovic added. “I’m just a dad that something bad happened to. I just wanted to let people know that along with coyotes and RSV and COVID, this is another thing to add to your checklist of things that you’re looking out for, because we weren’t.”

The father said his child was at the playground with a nanny.

This is a developing story and will be updated with new information.