A crisis fuels a bicycle frenzy in Sri Lanka

STORY: Sri Lankans are trading in

four wheels for two

as a crippling fuel shortage

continues in the country

Location: Colombi, Sri Lanka


"Previously, I went to work in a vehicle. Because of the fuel crisis, it is impossible to get petrol. You have to wait two to three days in a queue to get petrol. I just can’t do it. As a person who goes to work everyday, I thought the most practical thing was to ride a bicycle."

Sri Lanka is facing its worse

economic crisis in decades

The government has started

rationing fuel to essential services

Bike shop owners say

that's led to a bicycle frenzy


"Because of the petrol crisis, everyone is shopping for bicycles. They are trying to get to work. They can’t wait in queues all the time. The import of bicycles has also now been banned. So, the shops are selling their imported stock at even higher prices. Now there are no more bicycles. The ladies' models and the standard model are no longer available. I don’t think new bicycles are available for even another week."

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