Cream Cheese Is The Single Addition For Creamier Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs with cream cheese
deviled eggs with cream cheese - Christin Klose/Shutterstock

Deviled eggs are one of the best appetizers out there. So, if you're someone who loves hosting a dinner party, it's good to know all of the deviled egg hacks out there for this classic dish. But if your goal is to make them extra creamy, the process is quite simple: Just add cream cheese.

Cream cheese is a key ingredient in Tasting Table's recipe for everything bagel-inspired deviled eggs. The cream cheese is whipped together with the egg yolks to create the filling. Requiring just these two ingredients, the filling couldn't be simpler — but the taste is anything but simple. Thanks to the cream cheese, the result is a filling that is especially smooth and creamy, basically melting in your mouth. Along with the creamy texture, the cream cheese will bring in some subtle tanginess and sweetness that will complement the savoriness of the egg.

The recipe calls for a quarter cup of whipped cream cheese, but if you want the filling to be extra rich, you can add a bit more — perhaps start with an extra tablespoon and go from there. Additionally, while our recipe calls for whipped, you can also use regular cream cheese as long as the cream cheese is softened to make sure it blends well with the yolks.

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You Can Add Cream Cheese To Just About Any Deviled Egg Recipe

Close up of deviled eggs
Close up of deviled eggs - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Just because a deviled egg recipe doesn't call for cream cheese doesn't mean that you can use it. Maybe you want to make sure that the filling is as creamy as possible or maybe it's the only ingredient you have on hand. Either way, you can rely on it to produce a creamy filling for the deviled eggs every time.

For example, our recipe for easy deviled eggs calls for crème fraîche, which is there to provide a creamy texture while also adding a tangy flavor. You could easily swap out the crème fraîche for cream cheese, which, as we know, will definitely take care of the creaminess and even add a little bit of that tanginess. Or, maybe you're making a deviled egg salad recipe and want it to be thicker and extra velvety — our version calls for mayo, which can be swapped out for cream cheese (use four tablespoons of cream cheese per six eggs).

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