On crazy day of departures, Kai Kroeger shares good news and tries to soothe USC fans

The bad news rolled in like a tornado on Thursday for South Carolina fans. The notifications came through seemingly every hour, and just when you thought the coast was clear and the storm had passed, another name would pop up.

There were six reports of different Gamecocks planning to enter the transfer portal on Thursday alone. And that’s as of 7 p.m. By the morning, who knows how many more could join?

The names Thursday included, most-notably, wide receiver Antwane “Juice” Wells and kicker Mitch Jeter, along with WRs Landon Samson and Kylic Horton, and DTs Felix Hixon and D’Andre Martin.

That came after Wednesday’s news of quarterbacks Colten Gauthier and Tanner Bailey being expected to hit the transfer portal as well. And while players can’t officially enter their name in the transfer portal until Monday, they can make their intentions known.

Regardless, it’s been a whirlwind few days for South Carolina.

Starting with the on-field loss to Clemson on Saturday, there haven’t been many wins for the Gamecocks this week. Punter Kai Kroeger knows that.

He also knows it’s not all doom and gloom inside the football facility. On Thursday evening, after the myriad reports of guys leaving, the senior punter tried to soothe the emotions of USC fans.

“Gamecock nation,” Kroeger wrote on X (Twitter). “I understand there is a lot of concern due to recent events that have occurred. But I, along with many of us, are fully bought in to what (Coach Beamer) is building here. We truly appreciate the fans that support us through it all. Trust The Process #SpursUp.”

Both he and Jeter did not walk for senior day, which made most fans (and probably coaches) expect the great punter-kicker duo to don the garnet and black in 2024.

After the news Jeter is eyeing the portal, at least Kroeger announced his intentions to return.

As for everyone else, there will surely be more departures over the coming days, but it should be expected that Beamer and his staff will bring in some talent through the transfer portal, as well.

It is not a one-way street.