Coyote snoozing on patio couch refuses to go, California photos show. ‘Time to get up’

Animal Care & Control San Francisco

A San Francisco resident woke up to find a “beautiful” but uninvited guest lounging on their patio furniture, California photos show.

A wild coyote snoozing on an outdoor couch was “reluctant to move,” city animal control officers said in a news release Friday, Nov. 3, on Facebook.

Photos posted with the release show the coyote hanging out on the patio.

Concerned the coyote might be injured or ill, the resident called animal control for help, officials said. An officer responded and found the coyote still didn’t want to leave.

“I approached the coyote and started talking to him, telling him that it was time to get up,” the officer wrote. “He looked at me, got up, took a big stretch and made his way to the edge of the yard.”

The coyote hopped over a wall and made his way into some nearby brush, the officer said. The animal moved normally and did not appear to be ailing.

“The coyote looked like a young healthy male that was probably recently kicked out of his den and was trying to make his way through the city,” officials said.

An estimated 100 wild coyotes live in San Francisco after nearly going extinct in the area in the 1940s, officials said.

“Coyotes help to keep the rodent population under control which helps to keep disease transmission down,” officials said. “Coyotes are shy and are not usually aggressive, however they do exhibit assertive behaviors when feeling threatened or if they are protecting their young pups.”

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