Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy to undergo surgery for appendicitis. Will he coach vs. Eagles?

As the Dallas Cowboys prepare for their showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles, they'll do so without their head coach.

Head coach Mike McCarthy is experiencing acute appendicitis, the team announced Wednesday, and he is scheduled to undergo surgery Wednesday afternoon.

The team said McCarthy, 60, was experiencing abdominal pain in the morning "that warranted further evaluation" and received the diagnosis. McCarthy anticipates being released from the hospital later Wednesday, but in the meantime, the team's three coordinators − defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and special teams coordinator John Fassel − will run practice until McCarthy returns.

Acute appendicitis is one of the most common conditions related to the appendix, when there is a sudden and intense pain in the abdomen that often requires surgery, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy during the game against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.
Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy during the game against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.

Will Mike McCarthy coach vs. Eagles?

Even with the Week 14 game against the Eagles four days away, the Cowboys said McCarthy anticipates coaching against the NFC East rival on "Sunday Night Football." Quinn also believes the head coach will be there for the home contest.

"You really think that tough Irishman is going to miss this game?" Quinn said Wednesday. "We're certainly anticipating Mike being back for the game. We'll hold it down for practices. Knowing him, he'll be online tonight wanting to go through red zone and third down and everything else. We expect him to be rocking by gameday."

It might not be crazy for McCarthy to return to the sideline just a few days after undergoing surgery. In most cases, having the appendix removed can result in patients leaving the hospital in one to two days after surgery, according to the Mount Sinai Health System. Recovery time can vary on patients, with people able to go back to complete normal activities anywhere from two to six weeks after the procedure.

"Good news for him, he's a fast healer," Quinn said.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy to have surgery on appendix