Covid19: a team of young Franco-American-Canadian students in computer science and statistics created a specialized information platform for vaccination trends in real time

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TORONTO, July 29, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - While the Covid-19 crisis is in full swing, C19 World News Tamar data was designed by a team led by their professor Neerja, professor of Science in Scientific Data, to provide the maximum amount of information in the form of tables, and a database capable of producing information in real time on several subjects including: medical statistics (cases of hospitalizations, deaths, cures, vaccinations) at a single level worldwide and also by country.

The creation of C19 World News was initiated by Dan Smadja, a young 19-year-old student in computer science and statistics with the support of his professor established a special dashboard on the pandemic, taking into account the nature of the regimes of the countries. He has the idea of classifying countries by degree of democracy, ranging from blue for democracies that provide real numbers and countries with dictatorships mentioned in orange and extreme dictatorships in red such as Iran, Venezuela or China which communicate unreal numbers.

Building on this experience and convinced that the profession of data scientist and the profession of tomorrow, we have created an online data scientist training school with a program in French and English to share this knowledge with as many people as possible around the world. , the initiation program will be free for site members.

The data are communicated by a 3D globe on the site, or via a scrolling table which offers live data on vaccinations according to the different countries.

Dan explains: ''I think positively about the present as I'm devoted and passionate about the new technologies that could help us build a better future.''

Recently, additional tables on the influence of virus variants, including the Delta variant, were added. Also, the Tamar Data Science School now enables students to get more insights.

The team is strong and solid with varied expertise in economics, politics, medicine, and statistics on global demography. It is made up of two journalists, a professor specializing in statistics, two data scientists and three developers.

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